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Free Books for Injured Consumers

Consumer Rights Alliance™ authors have written books and guides designed to arm you with critical knowledge to help you to deal with insurance company tactics. You may indeed not need an attorney and can settle your case yourself. If that is your goal these books can help. If you decide you do need an attorney these books will show you how to find the right lawyer in your community to represent you in handling your case.

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  • Should I give the insurance company a recorded statement?
  • Should I sign an unrestricted medical authorization?
  • What insurance applies to my case?
  • How do I find a really qualified Lawyer?
  • Who is at fault?
  • What should I do first?


Books written to empower the consumer with the critical information they need now. Don't speak to an insurance adjustor or walk into court until you have these critical FREE books in your hands.


The Consumer Rights Alliance™ is a national alliance of carefully selected authors, educators, speakers and attorneys who are committed to empowering the consumer with the knowledge they need to make educated legal decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

If you or family members have suffered an injury as a result of another's negligence, you may not need an attorney. But you do need to be prepared with the knowledge necessary to protect the interests of yourself and the people you love. The resources you will find on this website are designed to help equip you for what can be a very difficult time for you and your family.