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Toddler Killed in Tragic Accident

On April 17, an accident involving a pedestrian in a private driveway resulted in Maryland. The victim, a 19-month old girl, was killed by a driver who was pulling out of a private driveway. The incident is currently being investigated by the Sheriff’s department.

This tragic accident points to a scenario that is all too common. Small children are often too small or too quick to be seen even by the most cautious driver. Drivers can help prevent these types of accidents by staying aware of blind spots at all times, particularly when turning or backing up. Larger vehicles such as trucks, vans and SUVs can make it difficult to see small children. At home, you should also trim any hedges or landscaping in your driveway or yard that might block your view or the view of other drivers. Parents should never allow young children to play in their own driveways or around parked cars.

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