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Dear Colleagues,

The Consumer Rights Alliance™ was founded with two primary goals. The first and foremost was to empower the injured consumer with the knowledge necessary to make wise decisions for themselves and their families. Secondly, we wanted to give dedicated attorneys a truly comprehensive service that provides them with the ability to put critical information into the hands of the injured consumer.

The Consumer Rights Alliance™ has created the books and consumer guides available on this site and will customize and license them to a carefully selected group of attorneys in the United States and Canada. In addition to the material available on this site, we have created other unique material including a Consumer Rights Alliance™ Magazine featuring the individual member attorney along with valuable information for the injured consumer. In addition to all these benefits to member attorneys, each Consumer Rights Alliance™ member will have the exclusive use of the phone number (800-422-2433) in their practice and as featured on this website.

The Consumer Rights Alliance™ is area-exclusive to each member. This means that if you have an interest in being part of this valuable alliance, you should act immediately, because once your competitor takes an area, membership is no longer available.

If you have an interest in becoming part of the Consumer Rights Alliance™ and would like more information please send your complete contact information by email to Sam Fletcher at We will provide you with additional information and be happy to personally discuss the alliance in greater detail.

Kindest regards,

The Consumer Rights Alliance™ Team