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Types of Personal Injury



pedestrian-accidentPedestrian Accident Law

While no two are identical, at the root of many pedestrian accidents are incorrect and dangerous assumptions on the part of the driver. Drivers make these mistaken assumptions, never knowing the danger they create for pedestrians. Looking at a few of these common driver assumptions will reveal how they lie at the heart of many different pedestrian accident scenarios.

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bicycle-accidentBicycle Accident Law

Many drivers erroneously believe that cyclists are intruding by riding on the same roads as cars. Believe it or not, this prevalent attitude held by drivers – that bicyclists do not belong on the road – is a key factor in many accidents between bicycles and motor vehicles. Find out how drivers’ attitudes towards cyclists can lead to accidents.

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child-safety lawChild Safety Law

Nothing is more precious than the safety of one’s child. Some of the most heart-wrenching cases personal injury attorneys see are those involving children who were victims of pedestrian accidents. Take a look at why children are particularly vulnerable to pedestrian accidents, and what parents and drivers can do to prevent these tragic incidents.

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Child Brain Injury Law