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Free Personal Injury Survival Guides

The following books are absolutely free, without obligation. If you are facing a struggle because of personal harm done to you or a loved one, don’t go it alone–the information in these free guides will tip the scales in your favor…

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The Pedestrian Accident Guide

“If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, ” the author writes, “you’re not alone.” Drivers have a duty to observe traffic laws and to drive safely, responsibly, and cautiously, a duty that many people – too many and too frequently – breach. It is very possible that, having been injured in a pedestrian accident, you are suffering the consequences of another person’s negligence. You both need and deserve fair compensation for your losses.”

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The Bicycle Accident Guide

Veteran personal injury attorneys wrote Justice For The Bicyclist in the hope that, with a little knowledge on their side, injured cyclists would be better able to protect their rights. Because injuries sustained in collisions with motor vehicles are often significant, the cost of medical bills, missed work, lost earning potential and, no less importantly, the pain and suffering the injured cyclist endured as a result of the accident – can be high. This book contains valuable information and advice on creating a successful claim – finding the right attorney, documenting one’s injuries, and giving a successful deposition, just to name a few examples.

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The Child Safety Guide

Child Safety In the Car and On the Road – A Parent’s Guide includes valuable information on child safety seats, as well as chapters on pedestrian and bike safety for children. The author explains what steps parents should take if their child is injured in an accident with a motor vehicle, and “If the advice contained in the following pages is in some way responsible for preventing a single accident, or if it gives a parent some peace of mind – in whatever measure – that my efforts will have been more than worth it.”

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Child Brain Injury Guide

Brain Injuries in Children is a parent’s comprehensive guide to coping and navigating the legal processes that may come with your child’s brain injury. This guide provides critical information about the steps to take if ever faced with the tragedy of a child brain injury sustained in a collision, bicycle, pedestrian, or other kinds of accidents. Be confident in the knowledge from this guide to better protect your child, for they are the most precious gifts.

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